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Multi-instrumentalist Gabriel de Leon has always been considered to be one of the brightest Malaysian musicians of his generation. From playing in a family band to studying at the world-renowned Berklee College of Music, he leaves a mark on every music project he takes under his wing.

Gabriel de Leon is a composer, multi-instrumentalist, arranger, producer and musician who has worked continentally from Asia, Europe and North America. Based in Los Angeles, he began his career playing in a family band to studying in Boston's world-famous school, Berklee College of Music dual-majoring in Contemporary Writing & Production and Jazz Composition. Since venturing into music production, he has incorporated all the elements of his musical experience to make him a Swiss army knife in the music industry, writing music for film, video games and TV, as well as performing on the big stage. He strives to make a meaningful impact on people through his music.


An accomplished composer, Gabriel has seen his work featured on many occasions, such as writing the music on the video game “Muffin Tour Legacy” by Battery Cake, as well as scoring for Carly Chaikin’s (Mr. Robot) short film, “Blind Date” that was featured at film festivals such as the Beverly Hills Film Festival and the Portland Film Festival. His work with music production libraries such as Droid Mafia has garnered placements on international TV such as on German show, “Steel Buddies - Stahlharte Geschäfte” (DMAX). He also writes for Endless Noise and Transported Tracks, two music libraries based in Los Angeles. In 2018, he composed the overture to the musical “Abbie and The A-Team” by Nancy Penland Jenster that premiered in Penang, Malaysia. That same year, he was musical director and conductor for four shows of a local production of The Wizard of Oz by the Prince of Wales Island International School.

With his background in performance, Gabriel is a multi-instrumentalist who focuses on violin and drum set performance. Prominent artists he has performed with include Tony Succar, David Fiuczynski, Arnie Roth, Nicole Johänntgen, Az Samad, Aisha Retno, Lalah Hathaway, Gayathri Krishnan, Anastasya Poetri, Thomas Ng, and The Penang Philharmonic Orchestra. Several notable venues at which Gabriel has performed include the Toyota Arena (Ontario, CA), Esplanade: Theatres on The Bay (Singapore, Singapore), the Saint Joseph Parish Bamboo Organ Church (Las Piñas, the Philippines) and Boston Symphony Hall (Boston, MA). As a violinist with the Berklee Contemporary Symphony Orchestra, he played a part in the 2019 Distant Worlds: Music from Final Fantasy tour. The music was led by Grammy-winning conductor Arnie Roth, as he toured the world and made a stop at the Boston Symphony Hall. The music in the program was composed by globally celebrated composers, namely Nobuo Uematsu and Yoko Shimamura, the latter of whom was in attendance. He has also recorded for artists such as Prithvi Prajosh “Loved by You”, Francesca Castro “Something About You” & “Would You Be So Kind”, Anastasya Poetri “Fool’s Fantasy”, Cristian Tamblay “El Quinto Relato” and Justin Adijanto “Paradise”.

As a producer, he represents himself under the moniker “L.U.C.A.S”, a derivative of his second name and childhood name. Since creating his own music as an artist in 2021, he has released three singles, “Twisted Summer” (2020), “Lily” (2020) and “Summer Song feat. Boba Lee & moreofthem” (2021). Several months after the release of Lily, it was featured on local Malaysian radio, as part of the Hitz Met 10 show as a promising original Malaysian song in the English Language. He has also produced for other US based artists such as Anastasya Poetri, David Timothy and TESS.

Gabriel was the co-founder of Berklee Budaya, a team that seeks to promote Malaysian music at Berklee, as well as on an international level. In 2020, the Berklee Budaya Production Team hosted a concert at The Caf, 160 Massachusetts Avenue, a spectacle of music selections written by Malaysians, arranged by Malaysians. Due to its success and positive response from audiences, Gabriel lead Berklee Budaya as director to organize an online concert series that premiered on March 20 2021, about a year since their first concert. For both concerts, he arranged music by internationally renowned Malaysian artists such as Yuna and Noraniza Idris.

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